Canarian gofio, a great food for all

Canary gofio is a great food for everyone. After the potatoes and the mojo we can not ignore the gofio, the most emblematic product of the Canarian diet. It is a food made from roasted and ground cereals that was already known by the ancient aborigines of the Islands, the Guanches, who used to make it from wheat and barley. At the beginning of the s. XVI the range of cereals was extended with the arrival of the millo (corn) of America and this custom has been conserved until our days
The Canarian gofio de millo is probably the most used, but the wheat that is lighter in color and finer texture, is usually taken with milk at breakfast.

It has a high nutritious power and great energetic contribution, in fact, it was a basic food to alleviate the hunger in the islands in past times. Its flavor and color vary depending on the grain used, the degree of roasting and the salt it contains, the aroma is dry and penetrating.
The gofio occupies a preferential place in our tables either in the form of pella or escaldón, which can be taken as an appetizer or accompanying main courses, but we can also taste gofio desserts in the form of mousse, ice cream and even liquor.


Gofio de Tenerife

It is not easy to find gofio on the peninsula, as it is a distinctly Canarian food, so when you come to Tenerife you can rent a car at AUTOS PLAZA to go to La Orotava to see the still existing canary gofio mills, where you can buy a little at a very cheap price to take back to your home and prepare a delicious Canarian snack for your children: bananas cut with gofio as thousands of Canarian children of all times have eaten or substitute the industrial cereals for a good and nutritious bowl of milk with gofio, your health will thank you!