Teide snowed, by all admired

Snowy Teide. In good morning and as a beautiful spring gift, today nature has given to all Tenerife with a beautiful vision of the Teide in his dress. Our father Teide wearing a white icy cloak that is a gift for the eyes of all, our own and foreign.


Today the words of the poet have been fulfilled when he says that “Tenerife has snow on the face and fire in the heart”. “Snow on the face”, snow on the summit, snow white and cold but fertile and fertile that after filtering through the rock will fill the galleries with clean water to water our fields and quench our thirst.

And it is also this same snow that in June will make the Tajinastes bloom in a rare explosion of beauty and color to adorn the landscape of the Teide National Park.

And because the Teide is a volcano says the poet “Fire in the heart”. Do not forget, the Teide is a vesuvian volcano that still remains active, the last eruption was in 1902 when the Chinyero emerged and by the fumaroles that it emits regularly from its crater. El Teide and its National Park is the most visited natural wonder in Spain and one of the most visited in the world.



Why the snowy Teide you know what the ancient Romans called Tenerife?

They called it Nivaria (from the Latin nix, nivis, snow) because the snow usually silvers the summit of this island in winter and sometimes also in spring as it has happened this year. The first mention we have of this name is through Pliny the Elder who in his writings on the Insulae Hesperidum (Hespérides Island) refers to Tenerife as Nivaria or Ninguaria. With this toponym Tenerife was known since the s. I d.C. by the snow that covers the highest peak in Spain, the volcano Teide.

And it is for these and many more reasons, today is the perfect day to rent a car in AUTOS PLAZA and head towards the summit of Tenerife to admire closely the beauty of the snowy Teide.