The almond trees in bloom in Tenerife, prelude to spring

The almond blossoms in Tenerife are a beautiful prelude to spring. From the end of January and throughout the month of February, the island is decorated in a special way. The dry and volcanic landscape of the southeast of Tenerife is covered with beautiful pink and white tones, the air acquires a soft and sweet fragrance and the roads and paths are filled with fine petals that the breeze carries.

It is the time of the almond trees in bloom, the only trees that bloom at this time and that announce the proximity of spring. They offer a beautiful picture to the visitor because at the moment they are in their maximum splendor and suppose a great tourist attraction for the area.



The almond trees in bloom in Tenerife, what a pleasure!

Walking among the almond trees in bloom in Tenerife is a unique experience through contact with nature. To make the “Route of the almond tree in bloom” the most convenient thing is to rent a car because public transport is deficient. AUTOS PLAZA has an extensive fleet of vehicles where you will surely find the one that suits your needs: tourism, minivan, automatic, etc. etc. And the prices are very reasonable, and the service unbeatable. You can book by phone, internet or personally go to any of its offices in Puerto de la Cruz.

One of the privileged places in Tenerife to have many almond trees is the valley of Santiago del Teide, also Arguayo, the Manchas and the forest reserve of the Chinyero volcano, whose last eruption was in 1909, and where between twisted and dried tongues of lava They give fantastic almond trees. Following the road from Vilaflor (the highest municipality in Spain) to Granadilla you will find beautiful and ancient specimens that are a real gift for the senses at this time of year.


From very old the almond has a great importance in the diet and economy of the Canaries and those trees that today make us enjoy the sight with the beauty of its flowers, in a few months they will delight our palate with the esquisitez of its fruits in the form of tasty “almendrados”, “truchas”, “torta chasnera”, almond cheese and gofio pellets.