5 plans to enjoy Tenerife in February

The Canary Islands are always associated with the sun, the beach and summer. However, its pleasant temperature throughout the year means that today we bring you 5 plans to enjoy Tenerife in February. In this way, this archipelago has activities that can be done throughout the year. Thanks to its orography and the high number of tourists that visit it throughout the year, the residents have sharpened the ingenuity to offer alternative plans to the sun and the beach. Do not forget to read the recommendations that come next to enjoy Tenerife out of season!

Tenerife in February: Carnival

If you travel to Tenerife in February, you should not miss your carnival. Recognized with the highest distinction of the Ministry in the field of tourism, it is one of the biggest shows next to the Carnival of Cádiz and Águilas (Murcia). During its celebration, the murgas and the floats with different themes are the highlights of this show. It takes place in the street and people usually go in disguise while they go through the bars and tents of the city. In this way, the festive atmosphere invades every corner of the island and you enjoy a show that does not understand economic differences.




Tenerife in February: San Blas Environmental Reserve

This incomparable site is located in the town of San Miguel de Abona. An environment that remains practically the same as thousands of years ago and offers visitors the opportunity to relax and enjoy unique views of nature. In addition, for a perfect understanding of the space, they have an interpretation center at the beginning of the route that serves as an explanation to understand some of the secrets of nature.

Tenerife in February: Teide

Another of Tenerife’s must-see attractions, leaving its beaches aside, is El Teide. This natural park has the highest point in the Spanish state, an inactive volcano in its surroundings and some of the most striking rock formations in the entire region. For these reasons, the visit must be mandatory. Once there, we can go up to the upper area with a cable car and enjoy the views from its highest area after a short walk. The natural park of the Teide must be marked in striking colors in our organization chart if we are willing to visit Tenerife.



Tenerife in February: Millenary Drago

With the ease of travel that an island like this offers us, we can not stop stopping at Icod de los Vinos. There we will find one of the most striking and impressive works of nature: the Millenary Drago. This tree, which is estimated to be more than 1000 years old, is one of the main attractions of Tenerife out of season. If we are lucky, we can enjoy its flowering. However, this only occurs every 10/20 years and irregularly.

Tenerife in February: San Cristóbal de La Laguna

Undoubtedly, one of the great architectural attractions of this archipelago. Considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this town has some of the oldest buildings on the island. However, its history is much deeper and its appeal falls on a number of features.