Tenerife a great film set

Tenerife, a great film set. So we could define the island that with its enormous natural attractions is the perfect natural setting to become an immense film set. This is demonstrated by the filming of films such as “Fury and Wrath of Titans”, “Fast and Furious 6”, “Six points about Emma”, “One more hour in the Canary Islands” etc., not to mention films for television, documentaries, series, commercials, etc. etc.

We could say that Tenerife, a great film set, has become fashionable among the professionals of this medium. Not in vain in Santa Cruz de Tenerife has opened “The set of the Atlantic” which is a unique audiovisual complex in the Canary Islands with three completely equipped and soundproofed and digitized sets designed by company leaders in the sector such as Cast Ingeniering (Barcelona) and Vitelsa ( Madrid)

With an area of ​​3,000 square meters, Plató del Atlántico has a modern building in the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife designed for the occasion by leading companies in the sector: Cast Ingeniering (Barcelona) and Vitelsa (Madrid).
The building is made up of three specially equipped, soundproofed and digitized Broadcast Platforms that occupy a useful space of 1,500 square meters.



And, Tenerife, a great film set, offers a multitude of unique natural settings, with its special idiosyncrasies, black sand beaches, gray sand, blond sand, mountains, volcanoes, urban landscapes.

The scenic attractions of the island are endless offering a variety of locations, diversity of environments and an excellent hotel facility for accommodation. Tenerife a great film set is true and we must not forget that shooting audiovisuals in Tenerife offers some extraordinary tax advantages, specifically a 38% deduction in the Corporate Tax for being the Canary Islands ZEC zone.

By 2015 there are already several films in pre-production and others in full recording phase. AUTOS PLAZA offers its customers a WIDE AND VARIOUS FLEET OF CARS FOR RENT WITHOUT DRIVER so that they can move to all these scenarios that “the people of the cinema” have discovered and enjoy the natural beauties of Tenerife.