On board a real submarine you can explore the seabed and admire the rich marine fauna of Tenerife

Join us on the underwater safari of your lifetime. Experience the feeling of a dive onboards a real submarine, immersing you in the unexplored waters in the vicinity of Amarilla Gulf.

The underwater world around the island of Tenerife will astound you, a privileged place until now only seen by experienced divers.

While you sit comfortably in air-conditioned surroundings, our crew will escort you as you delight in an unforgettable experience.

Your seat in front of a large 800mm porthole will allow a clear view outside. Each window has its own TV monitor providing multiple views from different angles, as well as information about the submarine.

The trip will depart from the Amarilla Gulf marina, a truly beautiful and elegant facility.

The undersea adventure begins from the moment you board the “Sun Fun Five” submarine, so do not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Don’t forget your camera!

  • 22€ de DESCUENTO!

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