AUTOS PLAZA offers the best car rental service at the North Airport in Tenerife, Los Rodeos (TFN). We are not intermediaries, rather, we are a team that has been working together since 1985 in the rent- a-car business, offering the finest personalized service only we can provide.

Many years of experience have allowed us to become intimately familiar with the needs of customers looking to reserve a car at the Tenerife North Airport, and who want it delivered at the same terminal.

At AUTOS PLAZA, we offer the best deals and service for customers wishing to rent a car. Select the dates for your car rental and find the best deal for hiring the vehicle of your choice.

Car Hire at Tenerife North

We want you to enjoy your stay on the island from the first minute you arrive, be it for work or pleasure. To deliver on this commitment, we offer pickup service right at the Airport, where we will be standing by with the car you have selected.

How to pick up your rental car at the airport

Once you have confirmed your reservation at Tenerife North Airport (Los Rodeos), an Autos Plaza employee will be expecting you at the parking area MEETING POINT to deliver the car directly to you. This means no long queues at counters or waiting to be transferred by van to areas outside the airport.

Getting to the MEETING POINT is easy. After collecting your luggage, go to the elevators on the left, past the AENA counter. Once in the elevator, press the S-2 button (Basement 2), and on exiting you will see the MEETING POINT counter on your left.

Ground Floor (0) Schematic, Tenerife North Airport – Los Rodeos. ARRIVALS


Click below to print out the map showing how to get to the MEETING POINT at Tenerife Norte – Los Rodeos.

Tenerife Norte: much more than sun and beach

If you are coming for a sun and beach holiday in Tenerife, the northern part of the island is the perfect place because it provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy both leisure and entertainment at the same time. In this case, you most certainly will be landing at the Los Rodeos airport, also known as the Tenerife Norte (TFN) Airport. If you need to rent a car, please consider making your reservation with us. We offer maps, extensive information on everything interesting you can find in and around Tenerife, and completely free tickets for excursions and theme parks. Also, remember that by renting with us, you automatically get FREE tickets to the major attractions on the island.

Our pickup service for car rental in Tenerife North is perfect for all those who come to spend a few days in places like Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz, or La Laguna, and who also wish to visit other areas on the island. You can make your online booking through our webform, or by calling our reservation desk for the North Tenerife Airport at 922 373 537.

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