Tenerife hotels open in winter

The Canarian archipelago is the best destination when temperatures begin to decrease in the rest of the territory. For this reason, knowing Tenerife hotels open in winter is essential to organize a break. Thanks to a moderate climate, some hotels keep their doors open to welcome tourists at a time of year in which many people seek to escape from low temperatures. In this way, you can continue enjoying the beautiful beaches, the natural parks and the World Heritage Site present in Tenerife at a time with a small number of tourists.

Tenerife hotels open in winter: Vincci Tenerife Golf

Although we are looking for places to rest in summer, one of the elements that we should not give up is the pool. For this reason, this is one of the hotels that occupy an important space in our article. Located just 5 kilometers from the airport, getting there will be a very simple task. Once there, the activities around you are innumerable and we will have the opportunity to select whatever is to our liking.

The hotel has 125 rooms including doubles, junior suites and family rooms. All of them are equipped with full bathroom, air conditioning, TV and free wifi that we can use throughout the site. In addition, for a more pleasant stay, it has relaxation spaces for its clients such as the spa center. There we can enjoy a sauna, a Turkish bath or a massage that makes us recover energy.

Tenerife hotels open in winter: Parador de las Cañadas del Teide


If what we are looking for is a secluded place with unsurpassed views, this is our place. The Parador de las Cañadas del Teide is located next to the Teide National Park and Mount Guajara. In this way, we will be fully surrounded by nature without the activity of big cities can bother us.

To add even more relaxation, this enclave has only 37 rooms. Thus, we will not be surrounded by users and customers who may disturb our peace. All rooms have a bathroom where we can find a wide variety of free hygiene products. Once we have rested, the Parador allows us to enjoy an indoor pool or gym. In this way, we can perform indoor activities regardless of weather conditions. Finally, in the restaurant, we can find some of the best recipes of traditional dishes of the island.

Tenerife hotels open in winter: Hotel Cleopatra Palace

Under the name of this Egyptian queen hides one of the best rated hotels on the island. Located in one of the most famous beaches of this environment, the Playa de las Américas, Cleopatra Palace is a space where we can go alone, with friends or family. Its dimensions allow the great variety of activities developed there to do so without the need to interfere with each other. Its three buildings house an infinity of spaces for relaxation, sports, reading or food. In addition, they have daily shows to encourage our leisure time.