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We show you all the advantages of booking a car in Tenerife with us, from free parking, to fuel savings, to the inclusion of unlimited kilometers.

All this at a fantastic price, with no last minute surprises… final price ALL INCLUDED!



We were super content with our choice
We were super content with our choice. We had no problems and everything was ok
Great, easy going and reliable service
Great, easy going and reliable service. Had cars from Auto Plaza several times over the years, the process was always easy and client oriented, never had problems or something to complain about.
Fantastic service
Fantastic service. Car was delivered and picked up at the hotel. The Polo TSI that we rented was pleasant to drive, and really cheap. Especially with unlimited milage. We rented it for four days

Jørgen Vik


Very good and very quick
Very good and very quick. For me was the best rent car in Puerto de la Cruz and believe me I try couple...recommend

Topy Top



Rent a car in Tenerife with Autos Plaza

Tenerife rent a car

In Autos Plaza we make your stay easier so that your vacation is perfect and you only have to worry about enjoying your free time and yours.

We also have a free parking lot for our customers in Mequinez Street, 63, in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, with the possibility of getting free excursions to visit Tenerife.

Our vehicles are insured, have 24h road assistance, unlimited mileage and the second driver is free. Moreover, if you stay in a hotel, we take your car there and then we pick it up so you don’t have to move.

Finally, we also have vans for tourists with heavy sports equipment, lots of luggage, bicycles, surfboards, etc… As well as 7 seats for those who travel in groups or for large families.

Renting a car in Tenerife is easy if you do it with us. The comments of our clients guarantee our professionalism, and we hope that you will become part of our club of friends.


Renting a car to visit Tenerife has the following advantages

  1. A reduced cost as the expenses are divided by up to 5 people and the insurance is included.
  2. Quick to get around and visit tourist sites, as there are no queues for taxis, buses or trains.
  3. Freedom in case the plans change and you decide to stay a few more days.
  4. Ability to rent also GPS, maxicosis or baby seats.
  5. Comfort and speed, since you pick up the car at the airport and deliver it to the hotel or wherever you want.
  6. You book from our form and tell us where you pick up the car and where you drop it off and at what time.



So, if you are looking to rent a vehicle to move easily and comfortably around the island of Tenerife and enjoy all the places you have to visit ask us and use the form to request your budget or call us by phone. In Autos Plaza we will be happy to advise you.

Of course, the greatest demand for car rental is concentrated in the tourist area. Although in Tenerife lately many companies and self-employed people require, at certain times, a vehicle to make commercial visits, close deals, visit clients, etc.