Tenerife and its gastronomy in Masterchef

Tenerife and its gastronomy in Masterchef. He is the owner of the day because Tenerife and its gastronomy have been the protagonists this past May 19 of the popular program of the first TVE channel, MASTERCHEF. Over 3 million viewers have had the opportunity to experience the delights of Canarian cuisine and its main products with the incomparable setting of Teide as a backdrop.

Indeed, the Teide National Park has been the great stage where this special chapter of the popular contest has been shot. The viewpoint of La Rambleta, next to the cable car, and the terraces surrounding the Parador de Turismo were the main stages, but we could also enjoy some images of Los Gigantes, El Médano or La Laguna. The intense light and the Tenerife sun did the rest to make the recording a success and to transmit to viewers the spectacular nature of Tenerife and the benefits of its climates.



But not only the natural scenarios and their charms were the protagonists of the program, but also a good sample of the cuisine of Tenerife. That’s why we say Tenerife and its gastronomy in Masterchef because the contestants had to elaborate some of the most typical dishes of the Canarian gastronomy that the diners tasted accompanied by the most renowned wines of the country. Not in vain in Tenerife there are several designations of origin that produce wines of excellent quality, both white and red.

Tenerife and its gastronomy in Masterchef

This recording was made under the sponsorship of the Cabildo de Tenerife, whose President declared that “we are facing a unique promotional opportunity to raise awareness of the many charms of Tenerife to millions of Spaniards”


Possibly to you you would also like to know the places where Masterchef scenes have been filmed, because it is very easy: rent a car at AUTOS PLAZA, which at this time of the year have super-reduced fares, and taking the TF-21 from the Puerto de la Cruz through La Orotava will reach the Teide National Park in about an hour, and if you stay in the south, likewise. Take the same TF-21 towards Vilaflor and it will also take you to the summit.

Once there you will enjoy a spectacular landscape, a good climate and the purest air you have ever breathed. Tenerife and its gastronomy in Masterchef, it will be something.