Tenerife and its “wrinkled potatoes”, how delicious they are!

The “wrinkled potatoes” of Tenerife are delicious. Tenerife has the largest variety of ancient “potatoes” in the world, this is mainly due to the crossing of maritime routes between America and Europe in the s. XVI.

The traditional way that canaries have to cook them is to “wrinkle them”. You can use any type of “potato”, but the preferred ones are the “pretty” ones that have very different aspects: black, white, red, wounded and partridge eyes. They are grown mainly in Icod el Alto, and throughout the north of Tenerife where they are especially tasty.

To “wrinkle” well you have to boil them without peeling in a cauldron for about 20 minutes, first on high heat and then slow. Cover them well with water and add a lot of sea salt, after a while try a fork to check that they are already well cooked and if so, you take them out of the cauldron to drain them well. Then put them back in the cauldron so that with the heat they are well dried and slightly “toasted” then they will acquire a white and saline crust on the shell and ….. ready to eat! They can be accompanied with any kind of food, especially fish and meat, they are also eaten alone accompanied by a good “mojo picon”. In the past they were cooked with sea water.


Papas arrugadas de Tenerife


Where can the “wrinkled potatoes” be eaten?

You can prepare them in your own home, it’s an easy recipe, but where they know best is here. The best thing is that you come to Tenerife where you can try our “wrinkled potatoes” in all the restaurants, from the most sophisticated to the simplest, they never miss at the table and they are always tasty. You can rent a car in Tenerife to do and make a gastronomic route through the different towns of the island, we will be happy to recommend some places where they serve “wrinkled potatoes” especially good and “beautiful”.