The party of “LOS CACHARROS” of Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

The party of “LOS CACHARROS” of Puerto de la Cruz is something unique, if there is a loud and boisterous party in the world par excellence this is surely the “run the pots” of Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife. It is celebrated every year on the day of St. Andrew’s Eve – November 29 – at nightfall and all children, young and old participate in it.

“The pots” or “pots” are prepared the previous days by collecting cans, bathtubs, household appliances and any type of metal scrap that makes noise when being dragged. They are threaded with rods (wires) and depending on the size and weight are dragged by one or more people trying to make the maximum noise and scandal possible. From very young parents are teaching their children this tradition that is learned almost from the cradle so that surely you will see a bottle of beer or a small tin hanging from the stroller of babies.



The party of “LOS CACHARROS” of Puerto de la Cruz is very old

The origin of this practice is very dark. The explanations are the result of the legend. It is said that the object of running pots was to make noise to scare away the locust or the witches; also that as Saint Andrew was lame, he arrived “drunk” and loaded with pots a few days later to his party; or that San Andres fell asleep and had to be awakened by the noise of the pots that the children had hung from their clothes. But the one that has more weight and related by investigators is that in the eve of the days of San Andres the owners of the warehouses, to be able to give entrance to the new wine, they went down to the coast to clean the barrels with salty water, and they were rolled through the slopes to the seashore making the characteristic noise that children and young people later reproduced with their pots.

This celebration is related to the opening of the wineries, and it is traditional to accompany the new wine with sardines, salted fish, cherne, mojo, gofio, sweet potatoes and roasted chestnuts. It is customary to meet in the Plaza del Charco to taste the roasted chestnuts and typical Canarian cuisine.



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Oh, and do not be surprised if you see a pot attached to the exhaust pipe of the car, it’s part of the party and someone has wanted you to participate in it too, it’s the “LOS CACHARROS” party in Puerto de la Cruz.