AUTOS PLAZA Tenerife takes care of the environment

AUTOS PLAZA Tenerife takes care of the environment, there are many news that recently appear in the media warning of climate change that for some years has been suffering our planet due to the greenhouse effect by the emission of pollutant gases.

AUTOS PLAZA Tenerife takes care of the environment and we have proposed to contribute firmly to the conservation of nature.
To preserve life, so that future generations can enjoy a planet as beautiful and habitable as we have received from our ancestors. We want to preserve the future of nature, flora, fauna with its different species, revalue the landscape and protect ecosystems so fragile especially in an island like Tenerife that for its small size is highly vulnerable. We can proudly say that we are 100% ecologists, that is why AUTOS PLAZA Tenerife takes care of the environment.

For an optimal responsible driving it is necessary to optimize the changes of speed, to drive smoothly without brakes nor sudden accelerations, the acceleration must be moderate especially from the 50 Km. hour. You can also control the ups and downs or turn off the engine when you stop for more than a minute.

But, of course, the best thing is to optimize the use of the car, for example, not to transport useless loads with the vehicle, to put the air conditioning or the heating if it is not strictly necessary, that is to say that the difference between the interior and exterior temperature of the car does not surpass the 5 degrees. Trying to brake with the engine and maintaining a constant speed also contributes to saving fuel and thus releasing less greenhouse gases.